Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

The admissions process is full of questions and uncertainties.   Certain questions come up more than once.  In the past few months we have compiled some questions concerns we have heard or seen discussed online.  If helpful, forward these to a friend or anyone who they could help.


My GPA was not stellar freshman year, but I have increased my GPA each year since then.  Will this help me?

In short, yes. An upward GPA trend will be noticed and will be helpful.  However, it also depends on how low your GPA was freshman year (e.g., an ‘F’ versus a ‘C+).  A GPA that is simply too low will be hard to redeem.

I don’t know what I want to major in, does this matter?

No it does not.  Most people will change their majors (some more than a few times) during their time in college.  Personally, I went into college thinking I wanted to study accounting and I came out with a degree in history.  Liberal arts colleges can be a great option to explore different areas of studies.

I really want to apply to [Insert Pricey Private College], but it is too expensive!

You should never let the price deter you from applying to a school.  The fact is that private schools will often have better financial aid packages than their public counterparts.  This is particularly true as state governments slash budgets for education (Editors Note: This is not to knock public schools, but prospective students should know that private schools can be affordable too).  Of course, there are always scholarships to help pay for any schools.

What are some good schools with a sizable conservative student body?

Most schools will have a variety of conservative student groups, but college in general is going to be left-leaning. With this said, Boston College, University of Notre Dame, and Wake Forest University are known as being right of the average school. A good rule of thumb is that schools located in red states and schools with religious affiliation are generally “more right.”

I am an Under-Represented Minority–will this help my application?

Yes it will.  This is especially true of people who identify themselves as Hispanic American, African American, or American Indian.  To a lesser extent, it also applies to students who are the first in their families to attend college (first generation students).

My SAT’s are low, what can I do?

You can always take your SATs again and try to prep.  Prep classes exist through companies like Princeton Review and Kaplan, but you can also prep on your own by buying a book.  Of course, you can also apply to an SAT-Optional school.

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