Unique Scholarships for Unique Students

One day, one scholarship

Unique Scholarships for Unique Students

Scholarships360 is an affiliate of Admissions360 and a great way to learn about different scholarship opportunities.  The idea is a new scholarship in your e-mail inbox everyday!

These were the scholarships that were featured on Scholarships360 this past week:

Even if these scholarships do not apply to you, forward them to a friend. They are all fantastic opportunities to help pay for college.

Keep checking back on Admissions360 or sign up for daily e-mails on Scholarships360 for more great scholarships!

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2 Responses to Unique Scholarships for Unique Students

  1. Benjamin says:

    Is there any way to request featured scholarships that are tailored to a general demographic audience?

  2. Yeah, shoot us an e-mail at admissions360 at gmail.com with any scholarship suggestions.

    We are reconfiguring Scholarships360 so that students can choose what demographic they belong to. However, for the time being we are going to try to do more general scholarships.

    Thanks for the comment and we look forward to hearing from you!

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