Happy New Year 2011

New Years is a time when people try to make changes in their lives.  They want to lose 20 pounds or start reading the newspaper everyday.

College admissions is no different especially because this is the “homestretch” for any seniors who are going through the process now.  Even though applications are right around the corner (or have passed), does not mean that you cannot do anything.

If you are sitting at home for a few more days consider being proactive with these six suggestions…

1) Research the different merit aid opportunities at the schools you are interested in.  Oftentimes, they require a separate application.  If not sure, shoot of a quick e-mail to the Office of Financial Aid at the school in question

2) Get started on different scholarship opportunities, before you get busy with school work again.  Scholarships360 is a great resource to use. You get a great new scholarship in your inbox everyday!

3) Have a friend, parent, or teacher look over your application essays.  Having a few extra pairs of eyes glancing over your essays never hurts.  Or maybe they will catch a small error or typo before you send your essays out.

4) Contact the admissions office to see if it is not too late to schedule an interview.  Some schools even have interviews available online with Skype.

5) Do you know what you are interested in studying? If so, research some of the faculty members who fit your interests and inquire if you could ask them some questions. Tip: It is best to contact the administrative assistant in the department about contacting a professor–they will know the best professors to contact.

6) This might be the most important thing that you can do: send handwritten thank yous to everyone who has helped you in the admissions process.  Teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, priests, admissions officers, alumni who you have interviewed with, professors you have contacted, etc.  People remember little things and a polite gesture can go a long way.

Admissions360 wishes you the best of luck in the New Year and hope that we can help make this application season a little bit less stressful.

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